Women's World Cup update 2023

Pien Huang of NPR speaks with Sophie Downey of The Guardian about the Women's World Cup.

The 64th and final game of the 2023 Women's World Cup soccer competition is set for tomorrow in Sydney, Australia, and the host country is disappointed. 

Earlier today, Sweden and Australia competed for third place, with Sweden coming out on top.

It comes down to Spain and England, and whomever wins will be the global champion for the first time. 

Sophie Downey, a reporter who has been travelling between New Zealand and Australia to cover the competition for the past month, joins us now. 

Sophie, how would you characterize this final match between Spain and England? Is there a clear favorite to win?

DOWNEY: I wouldn't call anyone the clear favourite. Obviously, all sides had their weaknesses and their strengths. 

 Mentally, I believe England has an advantage because they were in the final of the European Championships last summer in England and won that final.

DOWNEY: I think it was just one game too far for them. You know, all of that excitement of the semi-final just a few days ago against England in front of 75,000 in a stadium in Australia has a lot of emotions.

I think women's football is closer than it has ever been before.

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