Rain-Proof Makeup Tips

Don't let a downpour dampen your makeup game. Here are some quick rain-proof makeup tips to keep you looking flawless

1. Primer Power: Start with a water-resistant primer to create a barrier against moisture.

2. Waterproof Foundation: Opt for a long-wear, waterproof foundation to withstand raindrops.

3. Minimalist Approach: Go for a light coverage look to minimize the risk of smudging.

4. Creamy Blush: Choose a creamy blush formula over powder for better rain resistance.

5. Waterproof Eyeliner & Mascara: Make sure your eyes stay bold with waterproof eyeliner and mascara.

6. Eyebrows on Point: Use a waterproof eyebrow gel or pencil to keep your brows intact.

7. Set with Spray: Finish with a setting spray to lock in your makeup and combat humidity.

8. Lip Stains or Tints: Opt for lip stains or tints that offer color without easily smudging.

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