How To Figure out your skin type

Introduction- Understanding your skin type is crucial for a tailored skincare routine. Let's dive into the journey of identifying your unique skin type!

The Bare Basics- Begin with a gentle cleanser. Oily skin? Notice excess shine. Dry? Look for tightness. Combination? Observe different zones.

Oily Skin Signs-Oily skin tends to shine all day. Notice a greasy T-zone? Enlarged pores? These hints reveal your skin's natural oils.

Dry Skin Indicate-Is your skin often tight, flaky, or rough? Dry skin craves hydration. These cues signal a potential dry skin type.

Normal Skin Clues-Lucky with balanced skin? Minimal shine, few imperfections? You might have normal skin - the equilibrium achiever.

Combo Skin Signals-Combination skin showcases dual personalities. An oily T-zone paired with dry cheeks? Welcome to the combo club.

Sensitive Skin Flags-Reacting to products or weather changes? Redness and irritation? Your skin might be sensitive, needing extra care.

The Touch Test-Gently touch your skin in the morning. Is it oily, dry, or just right? Let tactile feedback guide you.

Consult a pro-Still unsure? A dermatologist can provide a professional analysis. Now, armed with knowledge, embark on your skincare journey!

Remember, understanding your skin type is the foundation for an effective skincare regimen. Embrace your unique skin, and glow on!

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