How to cancel planet fitness membership

Ready to part ways with Planet Fitness? Follow these simple steps to cancel your membership hassle-free

Review your membership agreement. Understand the cancellation terms, fees, and notice periods

Log in to your Planet Fitness account. Navigate to the 'Membership' section and choose 'Cancel Membership

Complete the online cancellation form. Provide necessary details, membership info, and reason for cancellation.

Expect an email confirming your cancellation request. Keep it for your records.

Visit your Planet Fitness club. Ask the staff for a cancellation form.

Fill out the form. Hand it to a staff member. Get a copy of the submitted form

Check your bank statements. If you're still charged, contact Planet Fitness customer service. You're on your way to membership freedom!

Remember, these are very brief summaries for each page. You might need to add a bit more detail depending on the platform's requirements. Always refer to the latest Planet Fitness cancellation policies for accuracy.

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