6 Outdated Dieting Trends That Need to Be Retired ASAP, According to Dietitians

Crash Diets- Dietitians warn against crash diets. They're unsustainable and harm your metabolism.

Extreme Calorie Restriction- Severely cutting calories slows your metabolism. Opt for balanced, nutrient-dense meals instead.

Elimination Diets- Eliminating entire food groups can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Choose moderation over restriction.

"Magic" Supplements- No pill can replace a healthy diet. Dietitians stress whole foods over quick fixes.

Detox Teas/Cleanses- Detoxes aren't backed by science. Your body naturally detoxifies; focus on hydration and fiber.

Overemphasis on Protein- Excess protein doesn't mean better results. Prioritize balanced macros for sustained energy.

The New Approach: Balanced Lifestyle- Dietitians advocate for mindful eating, variety, and portion control. Make lasting changes.

Conclusion: Listen to Experts

Leave behind outdated dieting trends. Consult registered dietitians for personalized, sustainable plans.

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