5 Floor Exercises for 30s Women To Melt Belly Fat

Discover effective floor exercises tailored for busy 30s women to target and trim belly fat. Get ready to transform your fitness journey!

Plank Power- Start strong with planks! Balance on forearms and toes, engaging core muscles. Hold for 30s. Repeat thrice. This move tightens your midsection.

Glute Bridge Greatness- Lie on your back, knees bent. Lift hips, squeezing glutes. Lower and repeat for 30s. Do three sets. Glute bridges strengthen the core and lower body.

Mountain Climber Madness- Assume a push-up position. Alternate knees to chest rapidly for 30s. Do three sets. This exercise boosts metabolism and burns belly fat.

Superwoman Soar- Lie facedown, extend arms and legs. Raise both while contracting the back. Hold for 30s, thrice. Superwoman exercise improves posture and works the core.

Russian Twist Twist- Sit, lean back slightly, feet lifted. Twist torso, touching the floor beside you. Do this for 30s, alternating sides. Repeat thrice. Russian twists target obliques.

Consistency is Key- Consistency is vital! Perform these exercises 3 times a week. Gradually increase duration for better results. Remember, a balanced diet complements your efforts.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Fit- Hydration matters! Drink water throughout the day to support metabolism. Combine these exercises with cardio for comprehensive fitness. You're on your way to success!

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